Inspirational Fitness is a mobile personal training company offering physical training services in Charlotte and surrounding areas. Our personalized training is delivered at client’s homes, their work office, their country club, or even at an outdoor park. Our clients benefit from the best training at their convenience in terms of being able to train at a location of their choice. We come to you!

Our service arrangements are of three kinds that take the shape of packages that are mentioned on our service tab. Generally, we offer Private 1-on-1 Training sessions, Small Group Training Sessions, and Custom-Designed Workout Programs.

Whichever arrangement you select, you will find that our training sessions are fun, unique, challenging, safe, and effective for our clients. Clients enjoy the expertise of a leading certified personal trainer with 18 years of experience. They will have safe and result-oriented exercise programs that are enjoyable for all participants, including the trainer.

Inspirational Fitness helps you determine what your goals are and why you really need a trainer. A suitable fitness program is designed for clients only after a fitness assessment. With a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, who possesses other specializations in Corrective Exercise, Performance Enhancement, and Weight Loss training can help you achieve the best results.